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Dave Young's NuWest Recording Studio

Dave got his first guitar for Christmas when he was 6 years old. The next day it fell off of the couch and broke into pieces. It was plastic. Of course his heart was broken so his step dad came home from work the next day with a real wooden guitar. Talk about excited. For the next 7 years though most of his playing was limited to a few chords his step dad showed him and playing the melody along with records he would listen too.

At 13 years old he took guitar class in middle school and actually learned how to play a whole song. He was so excited that he showed his best friend how to play it also. Over the next few years he met more people who played the guitar and taught him even more.

At the age of 17 years old he was in his first band and getting paid to play the guitar and sing. He new then what he wanted to do with his life. That was back in 1976 and since then he has played in bands in the US and half way around the world. He also owned and operated a recording studio and has been teaching guitar since he was 15.

He has also played on recording sessions with clients from all around the world and still does on occasion.

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Digital art by D Young Art

Despite his roots in country music, Dave's appreciation for diverse musical genres led him to explore new avenues, culminating in the creation of his one-man band. Today, he continues to delight audiences with his renditions of both country classics and non-country favorites.

Reflecting on his lifelong dedication to music, Dave considers himself immensely blessed to have spent the majority of his life as a musician. He also enjoys creating computer generated art which is how he created the music video shown here.